“I can not even begin to tell everyone how amazing Erin is at what she does. I am a first time dog owner and I adopted a three month old pitbull/boxer named Elvis who had never been out of a crate before and had no idea how to walk on a leash! My main goal was to be able to take walks with Elvis instead of being pulled around by her and most importantly was to be able to go to dog beach and be able to have her off the leash.

After the first lesson there was already a huge improvment. Elvis was learning to walk by my side and not run off every time a person or dog walked passed us. She was also learning basic commands like stay and come which before I would of never thought possible. Elvis is now a regualr at dog beach and one of the best behaved dogs there!

Even after the four weeks of basic training were completed Erin was still willing to help me thru emails on any questions I had about training. I cant thank her enough for everything she has done!” – Kara R.

“I took my 9 week old lab to see Erin and what a difference! My puppy is now 16 weeks old and has learned so much thanks to Erin.
We went through sit, down, stay, come, loose leash walking, roll over and more.
Erin is extremely patient and has a great sense of humor. My puppy loved being around Erin and simply absorbed everything she taught us.
I would strongly recommend Erin to anyone who wants their puppy to learn obedience quickly in a friendly environment.” – Aaron L.

“Erin is a miracle worker! We have a 5 year old 90-lb Rottweiler mix rescue dog who yanked us around on her leash when we walked around the neighborhood. We had tried several methods of trying to get her not to pull on the leash and none worked.

Erin told us that her sessions would be fun for our dog and fun for us. Now our dog is walking very nicely on the leash and we are all happy to go for walks. We even included our teenager in the training. There is none better than Erin.” – Rebecca H.

“Erin at Woof was referred to us by a friend, and once our puggle puppy Bailey used our leather couch as a personal chew toy, my husband and I decided to call her up. WOW! What a difference. Within the first lesson, Bailey was responding and becoming better behaved. It was truly amazing that Bailey totally ignored commands when we said them only a week before, but yet when Erin said them he obeyed!
Erin uses positive reinforcement training with a “clicker”, which we were skeptical about but really seemed to work. When we started these lessons, we were really at our wit’s end and thought Bailey was a hopeless case… turns out all he needed was a little direction and guidelines and he’s really turned into a wonderful dog. I would highly recommend Erin for any new dog owner – the sooner you get your dog into training the easier your life will be!” – Carrie B.

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