Dog Training Resources

Here are some resources that will supplement your training and provide information regarding topics such as behavior, nutrition, play, socialization, and more.

Training tips

What to do when your dog misbehaves (blog post)

Handout on APDT Myths about dog training


Training and managing puppy behavior

Surviving Puppy Teething and Nipping | great article on, well, surviving puppy teething and nipping

How to Stop a Puppy from Biting | short video with an excellent idea on how to prevent pups from biting

Puppy Start Right by Ken & Debbie Martin | excellent guide to socializing and training a puppy; This is a great supplement to puppy class!

Socialization and understanding dog body language

Doggie Language | Lili Chen’s fantastically illustrated book of dog body language should be on every dog guardian’s coffee table!

Socializing Your Puppy

Body language of fear in dogs by Sophia Yin

Puppy socialization checklist by Sophia Yin

Dog body language – Lili Chen by Lili Chen

Identifying fear in dogs by Center for Shelter Dogs / Lili Chen

Socialization: When to do it and when not to do it | great article with a lot of current thoughts on when and how to socialize a puppy or dog

AVSAB Position Statement regarding puppy socialization | what the American Veterinary Society for Animal Behavior says about early socialization for puppies

Don’t Socialize The Dog | info about when you should not socialize your dog or puppy and ways to properly socialize an adult dog


If your dog barks, lunges, growls, or gets anxious in some way while on leash or while interacting with people or dogs, here are a couple of great resources.

BAT | Among other things, this book has great information (and pictures!) on helping dogs cope with their environment by teaching them new skills to allow them to empower themselves to walk away from an overwhelming situation

DINOS | website dedicated to sharing information about Dogs In Need Of Space

Dog training books, articles, and publications | resource for lots of articles about clicker training and associated toys and training equipment

The Other End of the Leash, Don’t Shoot The Dog, and Culture Clash | These are the three best books I can recommend for any dog owner to get a better understanding of dog training, learning theory, and overall how our interactions with dogs work. You can find them all on Amazon or on

Fired up, Freaked Out, and Frantic | great book with reasonable to follow instructions on how to help a dog who is scared, frantic, or easily excitable

Family Paws Parent Education | website with information and ideas for dog owners expecting a baby or dog owners with children

The Yellow Dog Project | very cool project that’s helping the dog-owning public identify dogs who need space

The Bark | dog magazine with great articles on training, behavior, nutrition, etc.

Whole Dog Journal | publication with great articles and references regarding training, behavior, nutrition, etc. (requires paid subscription for most articles, but the fee is very inexpensive) – This publication also puts out an annual “approved dry dog foods” list, which can be useful in trying to select a healthy food for your dog.

Debunking the Alpha Dog Theory | information about why dominance theory should not be a part of modern dog training

Separation anxiety

Treating Separation Anxiety in Dogs | This book is written for trainers, but the information is excellent for dog owners as well.

Other dog training resources

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