Group Training

Small group classes for dogs or puppies in San Diego

Please note: Group classes are not being offered at this time. Visit for qualified trainers who may be teaching group classes. Private training is still available for past clients and referrals.

If you’re a past client who is interested in taking the Continuation Class, please contact me as we will hold that class again during 2020.

Prefer private training lessons? Information about private training lessons is on this page: Private Training

Continuation Class: class details (Intermediate and Advanced training for graduates of Puppy class or Foundation, Level 1 class)

This class is meant for students who want to continue practicing and expanding the behaviors they learned in Foundation Class, Level 1, Puppy Foundation Class, or a group class with another trainer (email Erin to discuss if you have taken a class with another trainer and wish to join Level 2).

In this class, students build on the behaviors they learned in Level 1 and Puppy Manners & Socialization, and they learn new skills and fun behaviors to keep their humans practicing and working together.

The trainer and the student work together to reach training goals within the class structure. In this class, we cover behaviors such as:

  • Calm greetings and leash walking with distractions
  • Body targeting, balance, & awareness (builds self control and confidence while exploring new skills)
  • Advanced Leave It and Drop It
  • Really Relax on Mat
  • Stay / Recall (come) with distance and distractions
  • Cooperative care (offering handling opportunities for grooming, veterinary, and other procedures)

Along the way, students will have the opportunity to practice and reinforce behaviors learned in their first class, such as relaxing on a mat, stay, and come.

Continuation Class is a 5 week class, meeting once per week for one hour, and the cost is $175.

Important notes about group classes

  • Aversive training tools such as choke chains or prong collars are not allowed in any class or private training session. Learn more about the use of punishment and aversive training tools on the Resources page.
  • Dogs must have a 4′-6′ fixed-length leash available (no retractable leashes).
  • It’s important that dogs or puppies who enroll in group classes be comfortable around other dogs and around people. Classes require dogs to be near each other and the humans in class for an hour at a time, and dogs who are scared or reactive around others will likely feel overwhelmed in a group class, which would be counter-productive to their learning and socialization efforts. If you are not sure your dog will be comfortable around others in class, please let Erin know. To learn more about proper socialization for adult dogs, visit the Resources page.
  • Pet Me Please is a pet supply store, located on Adams Avenue in Normal Heights.

Questions? Email Erin.