Group Training

Jump for joy and spread the word – In person group puppy classes are back at Pet Me Please in Normal Heights!

Small group classes for dogs or puppies in San Diego. Class listings –

Puppy Power! Puppy Foundation Class

  • Puppies should be less than 6 months old on their start date.
  • Tuesdays at 6:30pm
  • This is a 5 week class, meeting once per week for one hour.
  • Cost = $225.

Help your puppy thrive and grow into the super dog you know they can be. Training in our group classes is focused on building a sturdy foundation for lifelong habits. Students learn how to train their dogs and dogs are taught how to learn new skills using clicker training. This sets students up to not only have a set of cues and behaviors they can use to communicate with their dogs, but also a simple way to teach new behaviors and troubleshoot their training in the future.

Puppies are encouraged to start class as soon as possible. Puppies are encouraged to start class as soon as possible. See the AVSAB’s position statement on puppy socialization for more details

Register Online
Register online, then you’ll receive the rest of the instructions to complete your enrollment via email. Payments for classes are not refundable or transferable, and group classes include consecutive classes only. Class dates are subject to change.

Class details

Puppy Power! Puppy Foundation Class class covers foundational training skills to help students succeed at communicating with their new puppy, as well as behaviors that will help the puppy behave and succeed at home. Behaviors taught in class include intro to leash walking, sit, touch a target, come, down, stay, leave it, and drop it.
We also cover topics that are specific to puppy development and socialization, such as:

  • Teaching puppies to be comfortable with new experiences (now and in the future)
  • Learning about body language
  • Confidence-building
  • Cooperative care for grooming and veterinary encounters
  • Help with common puppy topics like biting, chewing, potty training, and crate training.

Prefer private training lessons? 

Information about private training lessons is on this page: Private Training

Important notes about attending group training classes

  • Aversive training tools such as choke chains or prong collars are not allowed in any class or private training session. Learn more about the use of punishment and aversive training tools on the Resources page.
  • Dogs must have a 4′-6′ fixed-length leash available (no retractable leashes).
  • It’s important that dogs or puppies who enroll in group classes be comfortable around other dogs and around people. Classes require dogs to be near each other and the humans in class for an hour at a time, and dogs who are scared or reactive around others will likely feel overwhelmed in a group class, which would be counter-productive to their learning and socialization efforts. It is normal for new puppies to be unsure in a new environment, but if you are seeing significant fear of or reaction to dogs or people, please talk to us before enrolling in a group class. To learn more about proper socialization for adult dogs, visit the Resources page.
  • Please be aware that the store where our training classes is held is located on Adams Avenue, which is a busy street. Take care to keep your puppy safe and their exposure positive while you are making your way to class.
  • Pet Me Please is a pet supply store, located on Adams Avenue in Normal Heights.


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