Intermediate class starting 10/25

Brush up on your dog’s manners before the holidays

If you’re a prior Woof! student, or you’ve had positive training classes with another dog trainer in the past, you’re welcome to join the upcoming Intermediate class beginning on Thursday, 10/25 at 6pm at Pet Me Please on Adams Avenue. This is a semi-private class with a maximum of three dogs in each class. Dogs in this class will continue to build on the skills they learned in puppy or basic obedience class by focusing on more distracting recalls, longer stays, more polite leash walking, and some new behaviors that add to their cue vocabulary.

For more information, check out the Options and Pricing page, or email Erin at if you’d like to enroll.

The easiest way to train your dog

My students often ask me what is the best way to ensure success in their dog’s training.  In my experience, the students who seem to be the most successful are those who find ways to integrate the lessons they teach their dog into their lifestyle.  This ensures the dog is getting regular practice in real life situations, and the message is very consistent.

My recent article, The Easiest Way to Train Your Dog, was published on DogTV’s blog and has some simple suggestions for reinforcing the great behaviors your dog is probably already doing during the time you are already spending with her.

Happy training!

How you’re training your dog without even trying

Bark magazine recently published an interview in which Dr. Ian Dunbar said, “…too few prospective owners know that dog training is fun, easy and effortless; it’s actually what living with a dog is all about!”  Let’s stop and think about this for a moment.  It’s easy to get caught up in wanting to teach your dog obedience cues.  Obedience cues are extremely important communication tools.  They help your dog figure out what you’re expecting him to do more quickly, and they give you a way to talk to your dog in a familiar language and gain predictable responses to your requests. But, what about all the things you’re teaching your dog when you aren’t asking him for a specially named behavior?

Your dog is learning something every moment he is awake. If you’re interacting with him, he is figuring out what works, what doesn’t work, and how to make things happen. You’re constantly teaching him something about the way his world operates, even when you’re not actively training him, and you are constantly laying a foundation for his future interactions with you and other people. These daily interactions you have with your dog are what dog training or even just living with your dog, is all about. [Read more…]