What to do when your dog misbehaves

When your dog or puppy misbehaves, it can be frustrating. There are many nuances to changing behaviors, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

If your dog is chewing the wrong things, jumping on guests, climbing on furniture, or engaging in other behaviors you’d prefer he not, here are a few changes you can make today to improve your communication with your dog when you notice behaviors you don’t like.  [Read more…]

Five tips to make the most of train your dog month

San Diego Dog Training - Train Your Dog Month - clicker trainingJanuary is the Association of Pet Dog Trainers‘ (APDT) National Train Your Dog Month. Falling smack-dab in the midst of our New Year’s Resolutions, Train Your Dog Month is a month dedicated to making dog training a part of our everyday lives. People are busy, and, if you’re like me, your greatest wish may be for “more hours in the day”. So, as the month continues, here are some tips to help us all continue to work dog training into our lives each day.

  1. Set small goals. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the goals we set for our dogs’ behavior. Start small. Think about something you know your dog can handle, and focus on a behavior that’s just slightly harder. [Read more…]

The easiest way to train your dog

My students often ask me what is the best way to ensure success in their dog’s training.  In my experience, the students who seem to be the most successful are those who find ways to integrate the lessons they teach their dog into their lifestyle.  This ensures the dog is getting regular practice in real life situations, and the message is very consistent.

My recent article, The Easiest Way to Train Your Dog, was published on DogTV’s blog and has some simple suggestions for reinforcing the great behaviors your dog is probably already doing during the time you are already spending with her.

Happy training!